Diploma in Retail management

Program Overview

The Diploma in Retail Management equips students with advanced knowledge and skills needed for leadership roles in the retail industry. This program delves deeper into retail strategies, marketing, operations, and management practices, preparing graduates for a variety of positions in retail management


The Diploma in Retail Management can be completed in 2 Years of full-time study

Learning Outcomes

Graduates will be able to:

  • Formulate and implement effective retail strategies.
  • Enhance customer service and loyalty.
  • Apply advanced merchandising techniques.
  • Manage retail supply chains efficiently.
  • Develop and execute successful retail marketing and branding initiatives.
  • Handle financial management tasks within a retail context.
  • Utilize technology to optimize retail operations.
  • Lead and manage retail teams effectively.

Why should i Enroll

This diploma is suitable for:

  • Individuals aiming for senior roles in the retail industry.
  • Retail professionals seeking to advance their careers.
  • Business owners looking to enhance their retail operations.
  • Graduates of certificate programs seeking further specialization.

Entry REquirements

Candidates should meet the below requirements:

  • Malaysian Citizens
  • Age 16 and above
  • Must know how to read & write
  • Not bound by any other SLDN Programmes